Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries operates one of the largest land based drilling rig fleets in the World. Nabors provides drilling services to North America, Africa, and the Middle East. Petrello has played a major role in the company since its inception as Anglo Energy Ltd.

Petrello came from humble beginnings to eventually earn a scholarship to Yale University. While at Yale, Petrello earned both a BS and MS degree in Mathematics. Petrello also earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. Petrello started his career by working at the law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Petrello was proud to oversee Nabors philanthropic efforts involving Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey destroyed most of Texas. There were flooded streets and totaled homes. In the aftermath of this natural disaster, there was major demand for food and other basic necessities.

Nabors employees went wherever their services were needed. Nabors gave the employees paid time off to help people in the community. As CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello personally donated the relief contributions that the Nabors employees provided. The Nabors Disaster Relief Fund helped contribute to the relief efforts. Nabors also assisted in the relief efforts by providing multiple hot meals every day to families. Some Nabors employees were personally impacted by the Hurricane.

Nabors often participates in fundraisers and community events. Nabors has previously donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Nabors Charitable Foundation has also provided millions of dollars in scholarships to Nabors employees and their children. Nabors is committed to giving back to the community.

Petrello personally enjoys donating. Petrello and his wife Cynthia are personally interested in childhood neurological disorders. Petrello has done research on the issue, and he believes that the available treatment options need to be improved. Petrello and his wife made a multi-million dollar donation to Texas Children’s Hospital. Their financial contributions helped fund the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The institute is one of the World’s leading neurological research centers for childhood disorders. New treatments are regularly developed at the institute.

Anthony Petrello also understands the importance of education. Petrello donated thousands of dollars through an endowment fund to honor the memory of his late professor at Yale, Serge Lang. No matter how much Nabors Industries expands, Petrello believes that the donations and social responsibility must grow as well.

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