The Political Fight Continues For George Soros

The political fight has not stopped for the major Democrat donor George Soros as he has embarked on a new fight to battle the policies of newly installed Republican President Donald Trump. After providing a large level of funding for the campaign of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton throughout 2016, Soros has decided the victory of Donald Trump is not a reason to step away from the Democratic party on Forbes and instead will look to become an even more influential leader for Democrat’s to look to in the future.

There are many reasons why George Soros made his return to political donating during the 2016 election cycle, including the arrival of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee and the close friendship Soros and Clinton have shared for more than 25 years. Along with the arrival of Hillary Clinton as the nominee the dangers of the rise of right wing elements in the Republican party as a source of concern for a man who faced occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. The experience Hillary Clinton has developed over the years in various political positions was seen by George Soros as a reason to throw his financial weight behind the former Secretary of State; Clinton was given around $25 million by George Soros during the 2016 election campaign season in a bid to defeat the populist rhetoric of Donald Trump.

For George Soros an investment of around $15 million provided directly to the Clinton campaign and a further $10 million for various Super PAC’s providing support for Clinton across the U.S. George Soros has recently been taking a major interest in global events as he feels the world is facing a dangerous time with an increasing level of debt and refugee crisis threatening to destroy the European Union; George Soros was also vocal in 2016 in opposing the Brexit vote he feels could mark the beginning of the end for the European single market that has proven a major success on many levels.

The work of George Soros in 2016 did not come to a close with the election of Donald Trump as President, but marked the beginning of a new chapter in his political life as a leader in the battle to stop Republicans destroying the legacy of President Barrack Obama. Soros used a Democracy Alliance event on Snopes in Washington D.C. to begin the process of planning for the future of the Democratic party as the main opponent to the Donald Trump Administration; Soros has also made a commitment to provide financial support for Democrat candidates in state and local government elections that will take place in 2017 and 2018.