The Benefits of Using Wikipedia for Personal Brands and Business


Wikipedia is one of the most resourceful internet pages used by people around the world. It is used by students as well as researchers who are interested in specific information. It is also used as a source of information about various famous people, events, important subjects and successful business enterprises. Wikipedia pages also come in different languages and therefore convenient and efficient for people from different countries.

To further enhance the efficiency of using Wikipedia and serving more people who speak and understand different languages, computer scientists from Stanford and the Wikipedia Foundation have created a brilliant tool that is going to make this better for the users. Basically, the tool identifies the most important articles posted on Wikipedia in a particular language but is not provided in other languages. Once the tool recommends the most important articles necessary for translation, the Wikipedia editors look for other editors who are literate and understand the particular subject that they require for translation. The editor should be able to speak and understand the language in which translation is necessary for the benefit of the local Wikipedia users in that country. This makes it easy for them to understand articles that are important which had not been translated before. This tool will be beneficial for the Wikipedia community worldwide who will benefit from the creation of this Wikipedia recommendation tool.

One of the beneficial ways that a business can do to market its products and brand is using Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is used by many people around the world, having a Wikipedia page greatly helps the business receive more traffic when people read about it online. Also since Wikipedia is translated in many different languages, people are able to get information that they require about the products in a language they require. Since many people find Wikipedia a reputable and trustworthy sources of information, having a page makes the business seem more credible in the eyes of the users. Also having a Wikipedia page for a business enterprise enhances the enterprise’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

For a business enterprise that wants to create a Wikipedia page, seek the services of It has some of the best people who can help create a Wikipedia page for the business as well as with monitoring the Wikipedia page on behalf of the business and translate the Wikipedia page to different languages.

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