Sam Tabar Named COO Of Full Cycle Energy Fund

Capital investment strategist Sam Tabar was recently named COO of Full Cycle Energy Fund, according to PRNewswire.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to be associated with Full Cycle Energy Fund and look forward to the exciting challenges,” said Tabar. As COO, he will be responsible for fund management.

After graduating from Columbia Law School, Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. Tabar’s considerable skills in hedge fund management helped a number of clients with investment strategies. Before his current position, he worked as a capital strategiest for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Sparx Group.

Aside from consulting, Tabar was also instrumental in building highly-capable office teams.

Full Cycle Energy Fund is among the largest environmental corporations globally. Tabar says moving away from high-cost fuels that are polluting the environment and finding exploring greener, less-expensive options is the goal.

Founded in 2013, Full Cycle Energy Fund has a mission to retrofit old electrical energy plants with newer plants that will be more cost-effective in the future. “It is our goal to help provide cleaner and more valuable fuel for countries all over the world,” said Tabar.

Tabar takes his new position very seriously. “It is a big step from finance and hedge funds,” said Tabar.

Before receiving a law degree from Columbia Law School, Tabar attended Oxford University, where he graduated with honors. He worked both domestically and abroad and learned a great deal about finance and investing. Tabar was also a primary investor in SheThinks and Tribute, both revolutionary feminine hygeine companies.  They’ve also inspired Sam Tabar to create a GoFundMe to raise money for African charities.

Tabar says his position with Full Cycle Energy Fund is a tremendous opportunity to branch out into something different. “It has always been my goal to help people. And in this position, I can help people all around the world receive clean energy,” said Tabar.

Kevin Seawright Fills Baltimore With Homebuyers For RPS Solutions

In 2015, to help find solutions for more affordable housing in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC. Recently another satisfied first-time homeowner joined the ranks of landowners in the Baltimore area. Seawright hopes to build a stronger community through more families owning their own homes for the very first time. Currently, only 48.3% of Baltimore citizens own their own home.

Seawright aims to raise that number by facilitating loans to good prospects for home ownership. His main target area has been the neighborhood of Belvedere Square. He wants to see the Square filled with people who have a renewed pride in their community and an vested interest in increasing property values there. Kevin Seawright had this to say: “It is rewarding to see more stability fill Baltimore neighborhoods like Belvedere Square. With each new home in Baltimore and surrounding counties we get one step closer to achieving our goal to raise the city’s current home-ownership rate.”

RPS Solutions is his company, which helps home buyers get connected to the right lenders to obtain a mortgage loan. They also help manage assets, assist with new construction loans, and for those planning remodels of underdeveloped units that already exist in that area. The Seawright company is getting more and more families settled in flourishing Baltimore communities. The goal is to raise the total number of homeowners in the city.

Formed as a joint partnership in 2015, RPS Solutions LLC is in the business of constructing and renovating as many affordable homes as possible in the City of Balimore, in surrounding counties, and across the whole state of Maryland. Kevin Seawright has a long history in the fields of government, real estate developing, and education. He has lived and worked in Washington, DC, and currently resides in Balimore, MD.  Follow Kevin on Twitter for a different side of the man.

The Benefits of Using Wikipedia for Personal Brands and Business


Wikipedia is one of the most resourceful internet pages used by people around the world. It is used by students as well as researchers who are interested in specific information. It is also used as a source of information about various famous people, events, important subjects and successful business enterprises. Wikipedia pages also come in different languages and therefore convenient and efficient for people from different countries.

To further enhance the efficiency of using Wikipedia and serving more people who speak and understand different languages, computer scientists from Stanford and the Wikipedia Foundation have created a brilliant tool that is going to make this better for the users. Basically, the tool identifies the most important articles posted on Wikipedia in a particular language but is not provided in other languages. Once the tool recommends the most important articles necessary for translation, the Wikipedia editors look for other editors who are literate and understand the particular subject that they require for translation. The editor should be able to speak and understand the language in which translation is necessary for the benefit of the local Wikipedia users in that country. This makes it easy for them to understand articles that are important which had not been translated before. This tool will be beneficial for the Wikipedia community worldwide who will benefit from the creation of this Wikipedia recommendation tool.

One of the beneficial ways that a business can do to market its products and brand is using Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is used by many people around the world, having a Wikipedia page greatly helps the business receive more traffic when people read about it online. Also since Wikipedia is translated in many different languages, people are able to get information that they require about the products in a language they require. Since many people find Wikipedia a reputable and trustworthy sources of information, having a page makes the business seem more credible in the eyes of the users. Also having a Wikipedia page for a business enterprise enhances the enterprise’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

For a business enterprise that wants to create a Wikipedia page, seek the services of It has some of the best people who can help create a Wikipedia page for the business as well as with monitoring the Wikipedia page on behalf of the business and translate the Wikipedia page to different languages.