Monitor Prisoner Communications

Securus Technologies gives inmates the platform to conduct business, speak with loved ones and stay connected over the phone.

When it comes to monitoring the conversations from behind bars in America’s prison systems I think more can be done to utilize information collected to prevent further criminal activities. Since many convicted felons are repeat offenders it only makes sense that they would make an attempt to stay connected from thier prison cell.

We are talking about people who at one point, were interconnected to the highest levels of thuggery. If we can lock them up and then utilize thier communications as an intel source then we gain the upper hand.

That’s what intrigued me so much about Securus Technologies. Finally, a private enterprise has made it a priority to allow inmate communications to the outside world while at the same time monitoring and sensoring the content as it transmits over the airwaves. We arent talking about some government watch dog and this doesnt even come close to igniting a debate on privacy. Prisoners gave up thier rights when they committed the crime.

I would be interested to learn more on how successful this company has been at disseminating information to the proper authorities.