John Goullet and Diversant, LLC are Leading the Way in Corporate IT Solutions

John Goullet is an IT (Information Technology) specialist who began his career as an IT consultant developing solutions for a variety of companies. He utilized his IT experience and understanding of IT market trends and ventured into the IT staffing industry. He has also been at the forefront of the development of several highly successful IT ventures.

John Goullet recognized that as IT became a valuable asset to company operations, IT staffing would become a vital part of most company’s business plans. IT is an ever changing industry and staffing needs constantly change to meet the demands. With that in mind, Goullet founded an IT staffing company, Info Technologies and provided a focus on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 Companies. It is highly critical to match the right IT staff people with the right company.

In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant, Inc. and became Diversant, LLC, bringing greater capabilities to the IT industry. John Goullet continued to lead the company with the same passion and zeal he did Info Technologies.

Goullet has become a leading force when it comes to developing IT solutions. Through his leadership, Diversant works with companies in the energy, financial services, banking, insurance, government and retail industries. His greatest strength is his unique understanding of the corporate climate as well as the IT needs of clients.

Diversant matches IT candidates with clients based on the required IT skills, but with industry specific experience. The IT staffing candidates have a unique and deep understanding in their area of expertise and are placed with companies based on their skills, understanding of the industry and cultural fit.

Diversant, LLC encourages and inspires creative, out of the ordinary thinking and innovation to be able to be more efficient and effective with problem solving and formulating unique solutions. Diversant is also a promoter of diversity and this helps to strengthen the workplace and business community. Part of diversity is to promote a clear and distinct competitive advantage for candidates who have the necessary understanding about how to best use their strengths. Diversant offers programs that promote diversity in the workplace and the talent acquisition supply chain.

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