How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Launch A National Brand Of Aesthetics Services

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed surgeon and entrepreneur who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The first industry he founded a company in was real estate development. His business, McKenna Venture Investments, was located in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina struck he ended up losing most of his properties. While he tried hard to rebuild his company he decided to instead focus on his medical career.

In 2007 Dr. Mark McKenna launched another company, ShapeMed. This was a wellness and medical practice that offered laser hair removal, body contouring, botox injections, and other aesthetic services. The company was quite successful and he sold it to Life Time Fitness. For a few years after the sale he worked for Life Time Fitness but eventually decided he once again wanted to own and operate his own company once again and more

In the early part of 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna launched his present company, OVME. OVME will open its first office in the first quarter of 2018. His ultimate goal with OVME is to have a national chain of offices that offer aesthetic services. What he has developed that is unique to OVME is that patients can use this company’s app which, sort of like Uber, will send an independent medical practitioner to their door. They will receive the treatment they ordered within the comfort of their own home.

As Dr. Mark McKenna relates, the medical aesthetics industry is very fragmented. There are independent plastic surgeons and dermatologists but there isn’t any nationally prominent brand. His goal is to establish OVME as a national brand and the first one people think of when they decide to undergo treatment such as a botox treatment or laser hair removal. He feels that people getting these services in their own homes will be a game changer as it vastly improves the user experience.

Before OVME opens its door Dr. Mark McKenna is busy laying the groundwork for it to launch smoothly. He is building a national network of providers in the same way that Airbnb and Uber have done. He has been attending industry trade shows and conventions in order to find the providers he needs for this new venture.