Eric Pulier- A Lifetime of Experience

When it comes to being an entrepreneur in the realm of government and enterprise technologies there may not be anyone more knowledgeable then Eric Pulier. Eric is known as being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this market. Being the founder or co-founder of over 15 companies he has gained extensive knowledge as well as an incredible network of professionals that he works with. Many of his endeavors have been financed by some of the most well-known venture-capital groups in the world. Some of the endeavors that they have worked with Eric Pulier on include virtual desktops, service-oriented infrastructure software, and enterprise-level professional services.

When Eric is not working on the plan for his next company or venture he can be found speaking at some of the top technology conferences hosted around the world. Eric is also a member of the Clinton Global initiative and holds 17 different patents for products and technologies that he has invented or co-invented over the years. Eric resides with his four children in sunny Los Angeles California. Eric graduated from high school in 1984 and immediately went on to continue his education at Harvard University. He attended Harvard University from 1984 until 1988 when he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his bachelor’s degree. As a student at Harvard he was also an author in the Harvard Crimson Weekly publication. Eric has also published articles one of which was featured in Forbes Magazine in March of 2012. Eric’s experience in technology began at a young age. He began programming computers when he was in the fourth grade and by the time he reached High School had started a database computer company. Eric is also involved in many different philanthropy efforts including being a board member of Painted Turtle and the X prize Foundation. These are just some of Eric’s many accomplishments throughout the years. To learn more about this renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author check out his website at