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Doe Deere the founder and CEO of the very popular brand Lime Crime was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. She currently lives in California with her husband where she is still heavily involved in beauty world today.


Deere first started her career as a fashion designer. She had an eye for color and was often known for making her own custom creations. In an effort to share her wonderful fashion creations Deere opened an eBay store and began selling her custom pieces.


Deere began selling her custom pieces and creating more and more. Since she was modeling all of the items herself she decided to do her own hair and makeup. In an effort to stick with the same colors as her fashion choices Deere wanted bright, fun, colorful makeup that would stand out. Deere searched and realized the makeup market was lacking in bright fun colors. As a result Deere decided to create her own custom makeup which would eventually become known as Lime Crime Cosmetics.


In 2008 Deere launched her new Lime Crime Cosmetics and the masses went crazy. Never before did a company offer what Deere was offering. She had colors no one dreamed of making and packaging that was second to none. Lime Crime offered bold expressive colors you just could not find anywhere else.


In 2009 the popularity of Lime Crime was growing again as Deere released new products as well as new packaging. The colors were even bolder offering lip stick colors such as blue and mint green. The packaging is what really stood out to fans. The packaging was a pink shimmery case with an adorable white unicorn on it. It became so popular Deere could hardly keep up with demand. The unicorn lipstick is still one of the top sellers today.


As the years passed Deere continued creating fun and innovative products. Aside from amazing lipsticks Lime Crime also offers a line of great super foil eyeshadows as well as a line of liquid eyeliner. The foil eyeshadows are very unique and come in a variety of colors. They can be used wet or dry and each way offers a unique color and texture. The eyeliners are bold yet wearable colors that go on smooth and last a very long time.


Although Deere continues to create amazing new products today one thing remains the same. Each and every Lime Crime product is vegan friendly and cruelty free. This is very important to Deere and all of her products have always been vegan. So even as she continues to make her mark on the beauty world Deere is still committed to helping animals.

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