Venezuela’s Opposition Has Collected Enough Signatures To Start The Referendum Process According To José Manuel González

José Manuel González, the agricultural businessman from the state of Guárico in Venezuela, has been trying to get Nicolás Maduro out of office for months. It looks like González may be making some headway in that endeavor. González has what some call an inside track since he is the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico. But Guárico is just one state, but González, has been lobbying in several states. José wants to make changes in the country’s government. The main change is getting the former truck driver, and Chavez hand-picked president, Maduro out of office. Mr. González recently said that the opposition has collected enough valid signatures to move to the next step in the referendum removal process. Thousands of starving people have signed a petition that is calling for a vote to remove Maduro.

Maduro has never been the leader that Chavez was and never will be according to some of the government officials that are serving in his administration. Maduro has faced increasing hostility ever since he was elected in 2013. He has single-handedly driven the country into economic collapse, but he blames other countries like the United States for the current situation. José Manuel González has been telling people for months that Maduro’s policies are destroying the country. Even though the drop in crude oil prices was the catalyst for the current crisis in Venezuela, the Maduro government has done nothing positive to move the economy forward in spite of the oil dilemma. González thinks the lack of government support for the agricultural industry has played a role in the country’s demise.

Venezuela is facing one of the most critical challenges in its history right now, according to González. The lack of cohesion and consistency in the government is creating fights for food in the streets. Shopping malls are closing because of the electricity shortage and hospitals don’t have enough medical supplies to treat the sick. González thinks there should be a national agreement to take back the country from a dictator that is lining his own pockets while the people starve.