The Kabbalah Centre Opens up a World of Ancient Wisdom

Studying Kabbalah has become something of a cool and fashionable thing to do in recent years after a number of celebrities took up this form of spiritual teaching and publicized it to the world. However, the Kabbalah Centre is only the latest incarnation people use to learn an ancient form of teaching begun as part of the ancient Jewish tradition that developed Kabbalah as one of the most important areas of teaching for followers of the faith. A number of celebrities have been spotted wearing the red string bracelet around the left wrist that is used as a well known symbol of followers of the group.
The development of the Kabbalah Centre brings the teaching into the modern world and removes many of the rules and restrictions that were often placed upon Jewish people who looked to follow the writings used in Kabbalah and barred many from undertaking their study. Opened in 1965, the Kabbalah Centre does not limit the learning of the Kabbalah to only men as the ancient Hebrew writings did; instead, the Kabbalah Centre opens up the teaching to all as the founders felt this important area of spirituality should be available for all to follow.

Many followers of the Kabbalah Centre are drawn to the opportunity to explore more of reality than they are currently open to, which includes the teaching that the five senses only allow access to around one percent of the reality of the world. Learning more about Kabbalah allows the individual to open their mind to the 99 percent of reality we are currently closed off to without the assistance of the Kabbalah Centre. One aspect of the work of the Kabbalah Centre that is not often reported is the fact that each religion is seen as part of a wider wisdom that can be discovered with the Kabbalah teachings; followers of any religion can explore the work of the Kabbalah Centre as teaching are seen merely as a supplement to religious teachings from around the world.

Wessex Institute of Technology setting the Pace in Exchange Programs

Located in Athrust, south of England, Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a higher learning institution and research center. WIT focuses on educational aspects such as publishing literature, hosting conferences, and research.

WIT is among the high-ranking education institutions in England. Its research programs are funded from different industries and research organizations. The institution’s aim is to provide knowledge transfer systems that are oriented towards the academic and professional users. WIT is ranked as a research and exchange center of excellence.

Working for WIT
To land a job at Wessex Institute, check out for their job adverts posted on job advertisement sites in UK and internationally. Currently, there are two job positions open for a medical writer and a researching fellow. These jobs have been categorized as education, research, and enterprise.

To land any of the jobs, one apply either online or offline by sending an application to their offices and attaching relevant documents. WIT does not accept job applications from agencies unless they explicitly request for applicants to use them through their job adverts.

After application, the documents are forwarded to the human resource manager. The human resources manager and the selection panel assess all the applications and select a candidate based on his or her suitability for the job. The human resources office reserves the right to contact shortlisted candidates.

Services offered at WIT
Wessex Institute is most popular for its conferences. It organizes more than 25 conferences annually. The conferences are held in different locations affiliated to the organization. The conference program is continuously expanding. The program serves as a point of exchange for WIT objectives in knowledge transfer between academic and professional users.

The institution has conferences scheduled for the whole year. Nearly all the conferences scheduled for this ear are of international status.

The institute fulfills one of its core functions of publishing through the Wessex Institute of Technology Press located in Athirst lodge. The press publishes the proceeding journals of the conferences, specialized research, edited works, and journals.

Wessex was founded in 1986 and has between 11 and 50 employees. It is uniquely located in a national park giving it a serene environment suitable for research. Visit the Wessex Institute’s website to learn more.