David McDonald And The OSI Group’s Success in China

Companies today have to compete against each other to offer the society the best products. It’s the competition that makes the industry grow, and it is the constant competition of companies that ensure that products get offered with the most excellent standards. This vision to create the best product is what Dave McDonald offers to the public with his offerings from his company OSI Group.

Successes of OSI

One of the greater achievements of the OSI Group led by Dave McDonald, its President, and CEO, is the fact that the company was able to tap the China market. Since opening the China branch on September 12, 2012, OSI China was able to provide for a lot of contracts. One big market that the company was able to serve was the Beijing Olympics. With the demand for fast food and quickly prepared food reaching its ultimate high during the Olympics, OSI China met the challenge by providing for the needs of all McDonald’s branches in China during the season.

The first food processing plant that McDonald also opened for Beijing also saw a country that is stable enough to provide for almost 113 tons worth of food, including cold cuts such as beef, pork, and chicken. The ability to meet the demand doesn’t stop there. OSI Group was able to deliver the products and food manufacturing collaterals to the Chinese public with no negative feedback and with a full appreciation coming from the Beijing Olympics Committee.

To improve the operations of OSI Group and to ensure its sustainability in being the leading food manufacturing and distributor company today, Dave McDonald taps the wealth of information coming from customer reviews to make sure that his business answers the client’s demand.

Dave McDonald’s Education

Dave got his strong educational background from studying at the Iowa State University in 1987 and since then worked for various firms and holdings groups, including Marfrig Global Foods S.A., OSI International Foods and OSI Group, LLC. He is also right now the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and the active director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

As the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, LLC, Mr. McDonald can also serve the roles and responsibilities needed for playing the role of a Project manager in the different endeavors of the company. After Marfrig Frigorificos e Comercio de Alimentos acquired OSI Group in Europe, Dave McDonald acted as the head and chairman of American Meat Institute.

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