Creating Quality Creative Content has been a Life Solace and Useful Platform for Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a household name in the United Kingdom’s creative scenes following her impressive work as creative content producer and writer. She has bravely fought life’s adversities to rise and be great at what she does. She credits her creative mind for saving her from the jaws of depression and giving her a platform to express herself. Her training gave her a firm foundation to launch her career in the creative industry. She graduated in 2004 from Rhodes University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in drama, English, journalism, psychology music and politics.


Career Progress


After college, Bridget Scarr took a position with a South African firm, Urban Brew Studios as a Production Manager, a position she held for one year. She then took her experience to Ogilvy & Mather who hired her as the Line Producer and Production Manager. Her expertise impressed the management who promoted her to the position of the firm’s TV Producer. After leaving the company, she worked for Primary Films and later Bite Animation as a TV Producer, cementing her skills further. She then landed an opportunity to be a co-founder of a creative company in Cape Town in the year 2010. Her earlier experience came into play in the running of the company named Zero Point Studios. She was engaged as the Head of Production, and she also handled finances.


After a year, Bridget started Pollen Creative Media in partnership with other people. Though the starting was small, she went on to record remarkable growth in the company. The employment opportunity went up to over 200 employees up from five at the beginning. She led the company to produce top quality content that attracted leading broadcasters and stakeholders in the digital media sector. The company closed two years ago.


Current Work


The closure of her business took her to a difficult period in her life but creativity saved her. She bounced back in the game bigger and better and prepared to use the opportunity to showcase her abilities fully. She started Colibri Studios that brought her work under one roof while giving her a much-needed chance to be her own boss. She has learned to appreciate her gift in creativity and cites meditation and finding time to rejuvenate as her ways of staying in touch with her talent. She has worked on projects touching various arms of creative content such as animation, augmented reality, virtue reality, drama digital content and television production among others.


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CEO Sheldon Lavin: The Outstanding Leader

The passion to excel is a quality that should be possessed by all leaders in the world of business. It should be noted that leaders should be ready to pass through challenges so as to excel in business. Sheldon was additionally a fruitful financial specialist and a senior administration officer in the saving money area. He likewise possessed a money-related counseling firm that empowered him to help individuals to make shrewd speculations. He later turned into the Chairman of the OSI Group. Among his different accomplishments, is that he changed McDonald’s into a worldwide provider of a wide scope of sustenance items.

In 2015, Sheldon Lavin was respected by RSM US LLP with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He got the lifetime accomplishment grant because of his sense of duty regarding Chicago business group and administration to the general public. Sheldon does not trade off on the welfare of his workers. He does as well as can be expected to guarantee that representatives get rewards for diligent work. He is regarded and regarded by workers and other senior people holding official positions in different organizations.

Sheldon Lavin added to financing Otto and Sons which later advanced into OSI Group. The encounters Lavin has experienced as an official in OSI Group has assumed a critical part in making him the head honcho he is a la mode. Lavin’s administration and vision have prompted the quick development of a little scale business to a global pioneer in the meat business. Sheldon is a wellspring of motivation to most youthful business visionaries.

Sheldon Lavin pursued accounting with the goal that he could maintain his organizations professionally. Sheldon’s vision is to change OSI Industries into a world-class venture. OSI Industries have roughly 80 offices in 17 nations. The organization produces vegetable things, heated merchandise, sauces, and protein items. Sheldon Lavin esteems development so he does as well as can be expected to guarantee that the organization utilizes imaginative innovation through inventiveness.

As indicated by Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group is a more distant family. Workers treat each other with affection and regard. Each individual is allowed to associate with each different hence fabricating solid relational connections and comprehension. Lavin tunes into his workers by urging them to visit his office however they see fit. Furthermore, OSI participates in magnanimous exercises to help nearby groups in the society.

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