Norka Luque Knows No Impossibility

Stories across the world speaking of creativity, passion and breaking boundaries have remained inspirational for years without end. One of such inspirational story is of Norka Luque who is a heavy weight singer with angel-like voice. Since she was young, singing has remained her passion and has made her a world hero. When she was growing up, she knew singing was her talent and purposed to bring a unique message of hope in it. Her parents also gave her immense support to realize her dream.

Transmitting Love

Norka considers her life a great miracle. This has seen her produce a song to encourage fans miracles happen to ordinary people. Speaking to the deep emotions in the hearts of many, the song Milagro meaning Miracle speaks to millions of people in emotional crisis. She explains of situations in her life which allowed her to know life is important and should be valued.

Breakthrough Moment

When Norka started singing, she was determined to take her career to great levels. The breakthrough moment came when she released a song titled As You Do It. It was written by Venezuelan Achie Pena. The song became a hit earning her a Female Pop Artist of the Year nomination.

Her second release was the song Miracle in 2012. It became widely loved until people started producing versions of it in different forms. A dance version was produced and listed as on the Billboard Dance club as number 11. An urban remixed version and a salsa version have also been produced.

Norka Luque Making Progress

Over the years Norka has been invited in different shows. One of them includes the Billbord bash which invited Norka along other high voltage singers and DJs. In the event, Santaye, JossieCardoba and Grupo Treo performed.

Inspiring the Young

Passion for music started when she was young and at the age of 8 she had a big miracle. This was after she recorded a song titled Anthology of Shakira. She made great progress after securing performances alongside renowned artists like Juanes. She later moved to United States to pursue education and music. In the process, she met a producer known as Emilio Estefan Jr. After knowing she could sing, the producer invited her to the studio.

Working with Emilio brought out the best in her. The skills she gained enabled her to release the song titled As You Do It which thrust her singing career to great heights. Norka speaks of love, passion, emotional hurts and happiness in her songs. Find Norka on Facebook to learn more.

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