Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

Gone are the times of the past when testing was a huge bottleneck. Now, you can test all of your inputs at once with the power of Sentient AI. You can test more much faster! The slower, legacy solutions only allowed for testing of one input at a time; however, with Sentient AI you can test all of your ideas at once, combine, and recombine them to find a winning strategy. It works great as a solution to transform a process that might normally take years into a single month. This type of speed and momentum will enhance your team’s speed, creativity, and productivity.

Sentient AI multivariate testing operates on the full funnel. It can test inputs from across your entire customer journey. When your team designs an ad or a landing page or a product page they must flow together seamlessly like a tapestry. The process should be coherent and complete. When a customer wants to search for their favorite t-shirt or that cool new coffee maker they want to find it quick and they don’t want to feel like they’re shopping. Sentient AI optimizes for this type of experience. Multivariate testing allows you to test which pages are lacking and which ads are increasing customer engagement. If a page interrupts the flow of the customer journey, then you will see it and Sentient AI will rule it out from the optimization testing. This is the best way to weed out the problems and keep your business growing.

The genetic algorithms at work behind the scenes of Sentient AI harness the power of artificial intelligence by way of testing an ideas fitness. It will take the best ideas – the ones which drive conversion rate optimization and satisfy key performance indicators – and combine them with other ideas. This constant process of testing and combination causes mutation. Once the most fit ideas are combined they mutate into a new idea and form the basis for your company’s campaign. Ideas from earlier generations are tested against new ideas to ensure no factors were missed and the best combinations have been satisfied.

After you complete your multivariate testing you can check the results on your dashboard. You can even watch the evolution in real time. As your customers interact with your ideas you can watch which ideas produce the best output and give your company the most growth. With Sentient AI anything is possible.