Lifeline Screening Helps Patients Learn New Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

Each year, over 600,000 Americans will die from cardiovascular diseases. The most recent numbers will indicate that for every 4 deaths, one of them is related to a heart disease. This is one of the main causes of mortality in women and men. The current numbers also indicate that over 20% of the deaths in the US could have been avoided with the right changes to their lifestyle and to their diet.

An individual can help themselves live a longer life by allowing their doctors and medical providers to perform preventative screening exams and tests. The tests that will be used will help to locate any health problems that could cause their body harm. This exam will also allow patients to learn the things that could be done for a healthier lifestyle overall. Sometimes this is enough of a motivator for the patient to start living a much healthier life.

What is known as the silent killer, heart disease is causing many people to die at an early age. With the right help and tools, the patients are able to learn techniques and things they can do to increase their chances of living longer. What most patients do not know is that many patients who have a heart attack will not recover from the heart attack. In most cases, the attack is fatal. The only problem is that the patients will not have an opportunity to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

Patients who have been checked with Lifeline Screening have been able to make the changes they need in order to prevent a stroke or heart attack. In a recent study performed, there were 3,000 people who were checked for cardiovascular heart disease with many of the patients being female and who are more than 50 years old. They also looked at participants who have been previously examined or who have never been examined before. This study was done to help determine if patients would start to improve their overall health or if they made very little changes to their lifestyle.

What the study did was to let others know that the patients who were previously examined and diagnosed with heart disease or a cardiovascular condition had made the necessary changes to their lifestyle when informed about their conditions and had made plans for the future. For many patients, they opted to change their diet, start a exercise regimen.

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How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Launch A National Brand Of Aesthetics Services

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed surgeon and entrepreneur who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The first industry he founded a company in was real estate development. His business, McKenna Venture Investments, was located in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina struck he ended up losing most of his properties. While he tried hard to rebuild his company he decided to instead focus on his medical career.

In 2007 Dr. Mark McKenna launched another company, ShapeMed. This was a wellness and medical practice that offered laser hair removal, body contouring, botox injections, and other aesthetic services. The company was quite successful and he sold it to Life Time Fitness. For a few years after the sale he worked for Life Time Fitness but eventually decided he once again wanted to own and operate his own company once again and more

In the early part of 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna launched his present company, OVME. OVME will open its first office in the first quarter of 2018. His ultimate goal with OVME is to have a national chain of offices that offer aesthetic services. What he has developed that is unique to OVME is that patients can use this company’s app which, sort of like Uber, will send an independent medical practitioner to their door. They will receive the treatment they ordered within the comfort of their own home.

As Dr. Mark McKenna relates, the medical aesthetics industry is very fragmented. There are independent plastic surgeons and dermatologists but there isn’t any nationally prominent brand. His goal is to establish OVME as a national brand and the first one people think of when they decide to undergo treatment such as a botox treatment or laser hair removal. He feels that people getting these services in their own homes will be a game changer as it vastly improves the user experience.

Before OVME opens its door Dr. Mark McKenna is busy laying the groundwork for it to launch smoothly. He is building a national network of providers in the same way that Airbnb and Uber have done. He has been attending industry trade shows and conventions in order to find the providers he needs for this new venture.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Positive influence in the Oncology Field

Oncotarget’s Mikhail Blagosklonny recently revealed the incredible healing properties of Rapamycin’s. Also known as Sirolimus, the drug is mainly used in the prevention of organ transplant rejection. Additionally, the powerful drug, also known as Rapamune, in local chemists, is also famous for cancer-related treatments. Created in the year 1972, Sirolimus acted as an anti-fungal before being discovered to have medicinal purposes in cancer and surgical healing properties. Further, the wonder drug was found to have immunosuppressive and antiproliferative healing properties.

About Mikhail Blagosklonny and His Role in Oncology

Mikhail is an Oncology professor at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute, which is based in New York. Due to his tremendous research on cancer and its therapies, Mikhail was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the Oncotaget community. Among some of his main areas of study include aging and old age-related conditions. Mikhail is also famous for advocating for the use of Rapamycin in the increase of humans’ lifespan. Further, its immunosuppressant properties make the drug one of the best used in case of an organ transplant failure. Rapamycin is an effective anti-rejection drug that contains an adverse effect on the kidneys.

Mikhail Blagosklonny research shows that Rapamycin is the best drug to treat the hemolytic-urine syndrome. The rare disease is caused by a combination of kidney failure and anemia, which leads to renal failure and low blood count. Consequently, the only remedy to treat this rare condition is to have a kidney transplant. Since there are high that chances the transplanted kidney can contract multiple infections, Rapamycin is used to reduce toxicity level.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Visionary Plans for Oncology

Mikhail is a professor and a philanthropist whose main aim is to ensure that individuals all around the world get the best treatment possible. As a specialist in medical research, Blagosklonny majored in research programs based on cancer and aging. However, his interest in aging ailment research is limited to individuals above a certain age. Apart from being a researcher, Mikhail also specializes as a professor and has inspired millions of students throughout his career. His influential journals have attracted significant attention within the medical field mainly due to his exciting topics.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s goal is not only to figure out a way to treat cancer but also to administer its treatment in a cheaper and non-excruciating manner. Further, Mikhail hopes are to come up with a solution where cancerous cells can be safely removed from the body without interfering with normal cell function. He believes that cancer treatment will not be expensive in the coming years and both rich and poor people will be able to afford it. Blagosklonny also hopes to inspire other individuals around the world to continue with his research work after his leave. His plans to undertake further studies on will ensure he gathers enough research to put an end to the excruciating cancer menace. Hopefully, Dr. Bragosklonny believes cancer treatment will be accessible as soon as possible. His research has helped in transforming the oncology sector and more