My experience with Market America Unfranchise

Market America is a multi-level digital marketing platform for American products and services located in North Carolina. It generates profit $ 626 annually. The company boast of 3 direct million customers and 10 million people visit their website periodically to check the products. The customer can select a product, make an order and pay online. It operates through distributors who earn a commission. Market America Unfranchised is a platform within market America Company. It has 2800 plus products and they are managed under eight divisions within the firm. They sell product from companies like, Walmart, and Target among others.

It enables the customer to get a product which matches her or his needs. Once you select the product, the customer services give you more information about the product, and you can make an informed decision before purchasing it. The nutritional product distributed by Market America include; Heart Health, torch, Bliss, Timeless Prescription among others.Market America Unfranchise ensures the customers get their delivery on time.

I became a regular customer for unique Isotonic nutrition product. The product has numerous dietary supplement, vitamins, and healthy nutrient which boost immune system and prevention from infections. The Isotonic solution packaging enables the product to retain it neutrino value since it is absorbed right city into the bloodstream, unlike other body supplements.

Also, I could buy at wholesale and sell to my friends and family members, I referred several customers to the site to purchase beauty product. The company paid me a commission for every customer I assigned to them. After attending monthly training, they requested me to be their non-Market America Non franchise distributor in Europe. I accepted the offer and the experience has been excellent. I used the products and still sell to my friends and any interested customer in Europe. The job is flexible and allows you to choose hours which you can work.

SahmAdrangi Investment Company Raises Money

Investment management is considered to be one of the most profitable ventures in the modern market. This is because the market has become very competitive, and it is difficult for people to make money without the help of professionals. Investment officers are individuals who assist consumers when they want to make critical investment decisions. SahmAdrangi is among these important professionals in the United States. Currently, the investment manager is serving as the chief investment officer of an institution called Kerrisdale Capital Management. While serving at the prestigious position, Sahm has done his job by introducing numerous positive changes. The company has increased its sales and profits significantly even during the most challenging financial times due to the expertise shown by the professional. At the moment, Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the leading firms in the investment management industry.

Kerrisdale Capital Management ventured into the competitive market in the year 2009, and it has introduced numerous changes in the lives of investors and other stakeholders in investment management. The company has given people the kind of results they have been looking for. Although the institution has been on the market for less than a decade, it has had its good share of challenges. The company has, however, overcome these obstacles under the leadership of SahmAdrangi.

Sahm, just like the other influential individuals in the competitive department, has been successful due to his research skills. Just recently, the successful hedge fund manager announced that his firm had done a great job in raising over one million dollars. According to Sahm, the money raised will only be used in betting against a stock in a public company that has not yet been disclosed. The businessman has assured the investors that the public company is unique in several ways, and it will give the investor the kind of results they are looking for. Kerrisdale Capital Management has been doing this for a while now. The investment company has been raising money so that its founder can bet, especially on public companies in the stock exchange market. The results from the company have always been impressing.


Mike Baur: Setting Dreams Into Motion With The Swiss Start Up Factory

The dream of starting up your own business is something that a lot of people have, but few know how to go about accomplishing it. Being your boss is an ideal that a lot of people want to live by, and people like Mike Baur have succeeded in living that dream. However, it isn’t as rosy as one might think since there are numerous hiccups that one may have to face along the way while starting your own business. Mike Baur too was just like every other entrepreneur who wanted to run his own company. He worked hard through the course of his career and saw a good number of his dreams come to fruition, and now, he is ready to help other people who have similar goals and want their companies to be a success. Mike Baur is also well versed in the financial field, which is also something that has helped him tremendously in the numerous projects and ventures that he has taken on.


To set this idea into motion, Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory, which is a company to aid other startups. Having brought up so many companies from their infancy, Mike Baur knows the world of business inside out. He is extremely well versed with one needs to do, and knows all the pros and cons of the numerous paths that people take on their way to success. This experience has helped him lead others so that they too can one day have their own successful business.


Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014. Since the company was formed, Mike Baur has seen numerous clients walk through its doors, coming for his advice on their business. The company tries its best to offer an all around service to their clients, covering almost every aspect of the business, so that their clients can have all their business needs taken care of well. The company has numerous business advisors employed, who are extremely well trained and skilled at what they do. Their job is to analyze all the clients that come to them and give them solutions which fit their problems the best. The company outlines a plan of action for their clients to follow, which can help expand and increase the business that they have. The company aims to grow along with every business that it works with, and is always focused on the growth and development of their clients and their businesses.


The Desperation of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass has long been renowned as one of the USA’s most notorious hedge fund managers. He has made a risky bet in recent times that the economic troubles currently plaguing the Chinese economy are not anywhere near ending. The U.S. Dollar and various currencies in Asia play pivotal roles in whether or not Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off. The implications of this bet may have an impact that extends into the equities and commodities markets as well.

Not long ago, Kyle Bass’s company Hayman Capital Management traded in the majority of its bonds, commodities, and stock investments. It did this so it would have more revenue to invest in the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan. It’s rumored that as much as 85% of Hayman Capital’s funds are invested in risky trades that will only pay off for Hayman if the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan fall in value. Billions of dollars are on the line here and much of that money is borrowed. Kyle Bass is hoping that the yuan will fall 40% in value.

In a recent interview with Fox Business Network Kyle Bass said that he has no money invested in Asian companies themselves but rather he has narrowed the focus of his investing to the Asian currencies. He is long on the US dollar which means that he believes the US dollar will remain strong will the Asian currencies will lose value dramatically. China is currently in a banking crisis and Bass believes that in order to fix the problem it will have to recap the banks. Once the banks are recapped and other reforms are carried out the currencies will naturally undergo a large devaluation.

Since the beginning of 2016, there has been little sign that Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off and if he is wrong he will have lost a great deal of his own as well as his investors money. Kyle Bass is also notorious for his involvement with Argentian autocrats who he funded during their last economic collapse while Argentina’s citizens lost their life savings.  Read more about Bass’ shortcomings at the following link

Teamwork Spells a Leap in Charitable Donations for Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Business Wire recently published an article detailing the beginning of cooperation between James Dondero, “co-founder and president of Dallas-based asset management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P.” and Linda Owens, a widely successful civic leader and former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Management holds, under its management, over eighteen-billion dollars in assets. The company is a well-established leader in the alternative credit management industry, with more experience and success than nearly all competitor companies. The growth of Highland Capital Management only shows signs of increased expansion as more time passes; however, the success of the company does not only spell affluence for the company itself, but also an exponential expansion of the companies charitable donations and not for profit contributions to various organizations.

This is why Linda Owens is a perfect teammate for James Dondero and Highland Capital Management, L.P. With Linda Owens heading the effort to maximize charitable contribution through her widely successful career history in this field, Highland Capital Management will be able to increase its now millions of dollars donated annually to charity by significant margins.

While Linda Owens proves a wise partner for James Dondero, Dondero boasts his own achievements in his industry, thus lending credence and trust to his company and its undertakings, especially when such undertakings deal directly with millions of dollars in charitable donations.

James Dondero holds more than thirty years of experience in investment through equity markets and investment advisement in such markets. He is not only a co-founder of the leading investment adviser firms, but James Dondero also holds chairs within the boards of directors within numerous immensely successful corporations, businesses and companies. Dondero attended the University of Virginia and studied finance and accounting, his education has served him well as he is now a leading figurehead for the investment advisement industry. Dondero’s innovation and pioneering of strategy and practice in the industry has ensured that he is and will continue to be a leader in his line of work for the foreseeable future.

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Keith Mann Stands Out Amongst Others

When it comes to helping out others, Keith Mann and his wife Keely are doing some pretty amazing things. They recently announced they will be partnering up with Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit charter organization, to present the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award. This award is given to one lucky high school senior every year as it recognizes the next generation of creative business leaders.

To participate for this scholarship, students will have to write an essay talking about how earning a college degree can help them in the long run when it comes to finding a career in their field of interest. This creates a lot of buzz around the New York-based school as it allows one lucky student to attend a four-year college. Keith Mann is a big believer in education, which is why he is committed to finding strong leaders and helping them on their way to success. The winner of this scholarship will be given $5,000 towards their college tuition (

Keith Mann has over fifteen years of experience in the executive search industry. He is also an expert in hedge fund compensation. He launched his first company, Alternative Investment Practice, after learning that the hedge fund industry was a quickly growing industry. He later expanded this practice and established Dynamics Search Partners, which is a premier executive search firm. As CEO, Keith is responsible for the daily management of the firm. Dynamics Search Partners has over 200 client orders yearly and works with firms all across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Keith Mann is not only a huge supporter of education, but also the NYPD, as his wife’s uncle is a detective. He believes that even simple actions can make a world of difference. That is why he and his wife donated to the 54th Street Precinct. He has also donated money to Hope and Heroes, which is a nonprofit organization that helps fund life-saving research and care for children’s cancer and blood disorders. When it comes to helping others, Keith wants to try and make the world a better place, one donation at a time.

John Goullet and Diversant, LLC are Leading the Way in Corporate IT Solutions

John Goullet is an IT (Information Technology) specialist who began his career as an IT consultant developing solutions for a variety of companies. He utilized his IT experience and understanding of IT market trends and ventured into the IT staffing industry. He has also been at the forefront of the development of several highly successful IT ventures.

John Goullet recognized that as IT became a valuable asset to company operations, IT staffing would become a vital part of most company’s business plans. IT is an ever changing industry and staffing needs constantly change to meet the demands. With that in mind, Goullet founded an IT staffing company, Info Technologies and provided a focus on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 Companies. It is highly critical to match the right IT staff people with the right company.

In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant, Inc. and became Diversant, LLC, bringing greater capabilities to the IT industry. John Goullet continued to lead the company with the same passion and zeal he did Info Technologies.

Goullet has become a leading force when it comes to developing IT solutions. Through his leadership, Diversant works with companies in the energy, financial services, banking, insurance, government and retail industries. His greatest strength is his unique understanding of the corporate climate as well as the IT needs of clients.

Diversant matches IT candidates with clients based on the required IT skills, but with industry specific experience. The IT staffing candidates have a unique and deep understanding in their area of expertise and are placed with companies based on their skills, understanding of the industry and cultural fit.

Diversant, LLC encourages and inspires creative, out of the ordinary thinking and innovation to be able to be more efficient and effective with problem solving and formulating unique solutions. Diversant is also a promoter of diversity and this helps to strengthen the workplace and business community. Part of diversity is to promote a clear and distinct competitive advantage for candidates who have the necessary understanding about how to best use their strengths. Diversant offers programs that promote diversity in the workplace and the talent acquisition supply chain.

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Eric Pulier- A Lifetime of Experience

When it comes to being an entrepreneur in the realm of government and enterprise technologies there may not be anyone more knowledgeable then Eric Pulier. Eric is known as being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this market. Being the founder or co-founder of over 15 companies he has gained extensive knowledge as well as an incredible network of professionals that he works with. Many of his endeavors have been financed by some of the most well-known venture-capital groups in the world. Some of the endeavors that they have worked with Eric Pulier on include virtual desktops, service-oriented infrastructure software, and enterprise-level professional services.

When Eric is not working on the plan for his next company or venture he can be found speaking at some of the top technology conferences hosted around the world. Eric is also a member of the Clinton Global initiative and holds 17 different patents for products and technologies that he has invented or co-invented over the years. Eric resides with his four children in sunny Los Angeles California. Eric graduated from high school in 1984 and immediately went on to continue his education at Harvard University. He attended Harvard University from 1984 until 1988 when he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his bachelor’s degree. As a student at Harvard he was also an author in the Harvard Crimson Weekly publication. Eric has also published articles one of which was featured in Forbes Magazine in March of 2012. Eric’s experience in technology began at a young age. He began programming computers when he was in the fourth grade and by the time he reached High School had started a database computer company. Eric is also involved in many different philanthropy efforts including being a board member of Painted Turtle and the X prize Foundation. These are just some of Eric’s many accomplishments throughout the years. To learn more about this renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author check out his website at