How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Launch A National Brand Of Aesthetics Services

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed surgeon and entrepreneur who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The first industry he founded a company in was real estate development. His business, McKenna Venture Investments, was located in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina struck he ended up losing most of his properties. While he tried hard to rebuild his company he decided to instead focus on his medical career.

In 2007 Dr. Mark McKenna launched another company, ShapeMed. This was a wellness and medical practice that offered laser hair removal, body contouring, botox injections, and other aesthetic services. The company was quite successful and he sold it to Life Time Fitness. For a few years after the sale he worked for Life Time Fitness but eventually decided he once again wanted to own and operate his own company once again and more

In the early part of 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna launched his present company, OVME. OVME will open its first office in the first quarter of 2018. His ultimate goal with OVME is to have a national chain of offices that offer aesthetic services. What he has developed that is unique to OVME is that patients can use this company’s app which, sort of like Uber, will send an independent medical practitioner to their door. They will receive the treatment they ordered within the comfort of their own home.

As Dr. Mark McKenna relates, the medical aesthetics industry is very fragmented. There are independent plastic surgeons and dermatologists but there isn’t any nationally prominent brand. His goal is to establish OVME as a national brand and the first one people think of when they decide to undergo treatment such as a botox treatment or laser hair removal. He feels that people getting these services in their own homes will be a game changer as it vastly improves the user experience.

Before OVME opens its door Dr. Mark McKenna is busy laying the groundwork for it to launch smoothly. He is building a national network of providers in the same way that Airbnb and Uber have done. He has been attending industry trade shows and conventions in order to find the providers he needs for this new venture.

How Paul Mampilly Approaches Investing

For several years investor Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street in New York City. His career on Wall Street began at Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. In time he worked his way up the ladder and had higher level positions, such as Kinetics Asset Management where he successfully managed their hedge fund. Over time he grew disillusioned with Wall Street and its focus on building up the fortunes of people who were already extremely rich. The naked greed on Wall Street eventually got to him and so he retired.

Paul Mampilly now writes and publishes a financial newsletter. This newsletter, Profits Unlimited, is written with the express purpose of helping regular investors save for retirement or other financial goals. He offers his advice on what will be the next company to invest in as it is on the cusp of growing its profits. He also provides tips such as how to invest. He wants people to know where they should be investing their money and how so that they will achieve financial success.

It’s the fees on Wall Street that Paul Mampilly thinks is one of the main problems regular investors have when trying to build their net worth. He says that there are always middlemen who seek to take as much of investors money as they can get away with. He also has said that he thinks the markets really are rigged against average investors. Insiders on Wall Street have access to information that others simply have no way of knowing. That’s why it’s his goal with Profits Unlimited to supply this information to people so that they can avoid fees as much as possible and have access to the information they need to make informed decisions.

As for his investing style, Paul Mampilly believes in keeping things simple. Complication is the enemy of successfully investing. He says that he follows some basic principals about when to buy and sell stocks that enable him to be in control of his investments. He has a plan of action that he follows whenever the market starts to swing so that beforehand he already knows how to react. This keeps him from having to make spur of the moment decisions, which can and will often be wrong when a plan isn’t in place.

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The Great Successes of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of both civil and criminal justice technologies tom ost correctional facilities in the United States. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas and was formed as a result of the merging of both the T-Nex and the Evercom companies. The merging saw the business establish a strong co corporation, which has since then emerged to be the leading provider of prison-based facilities to a broad range of correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is currently listed as one of the most sought providers of secure high tech services and products by most law enforcement firms in the country.

One of the critical development techniques that have seen Securus Technologies emerge a leader in the correctional field is the sue and reliance of the contraband cell phones, which are uniquely manufactured to record and facilitate all the communication needs of the detainees in prisons. The unique telephones have over the past years played a huge role in getting inmates connected to their loved ones and has also given them a chance to share fun moments with their loved ones. Besides, the various high technological devices that Securus Technologies manufactures and avails to the inmates has profoundly reduced the cost of traveling to the correctional facilities to follow up on an inmate`s ongoing. Instead, all friends and relatives of a detained individual can now acquire information regarding their loved one in just a call at an affordable rate to the prison facilities, through which they get to keep track of the court sessions as well as the health of their loved one.

The great innovation used in the manufacture of the orison devices has also eased the work of the law enforcers in the facilities as they can now keep track of the activities of the inmates and address all the emerging issues in the prisons without necessarily having to be there. Investigation officers also have a good time in the workplace due to the considerable evidence they can acquire from the devices.


Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello has made a number of key achievements that have put him on the list of the most influential people in the United States. He is a business executive has accomplished a lot for his company and secondly, he is a philanthropist who has worked very hard to assist in accomplishments of initiatives that are key in the society. His achievements in the business sector have been made him one of the leading business executives in the United States. He has accomplished more than what many people would have expected. He is a business leader who has embraced innovations in the industry as a key to expanding the business operations of his company.

Tony Petrello started his job at Nabors industries a firm that deals with oil and natural gas drilling, many years ago. He has been with the firm for about 25 years now. He first joined the company in 1991. Since then he has been working with the management team of the company to accomplish various goals. He has been a key figure in the company since it started its journey of transformation. Nabors Industries have been in the business of drilling oil and natural gas for about 5 decades. It was started in 1962. However, most of its growth has been recorded from 1991 when Tony Petrello joined the firm as chief operating officer for the company.

Tony Petrello has been in control of all the operations of the company since he was appointed the president and CEO of the firm. He has managed to keep the company on a track record of excellence. The company has been able to acquire some of the competitors in the industry. This has also been able to expand drilling operations in more locations across the world and the company is now making more profits than ever before. This is the reason the company has been awarding Tony Petrello a huge salary, making him the top paid CEO in the United States.

Tony Petrello has been on a journey of success with this firm. Since he joined the firm he has not disappointed. Has been able to implement all his transformative ideas with great success. He is now the leading CEO in the whole country. Tony Petrello is proud of his accomplishments in the drilling industry. He has accomplished more than any other business executive who has worked for the company.

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