Mike Baur: Setting Dreams Into Motion With The Swiss Start Up Factory

The dream of starting up your own business is something that a lot of people have, but few know how to go about accomplishing it. Being your boss is an ideal that a lot of people want to live by, and people like Mike Baur have succeeded in living that dream. However, it isn’t as rosy as one might think since there are numerous hiccups that one may have to face along the way while starting your own business. Mike Baur too was just like every other entrepreneur who wanted to run his own company. He worked hard through the course of his career and saw a good number of his dreams come to fruition, and now, he is ready to help other people who have similar goals and want their companies to be a success. Mike Baur is also well versed in the financial field, which is also something that has helped him tremendously in the numerous projects and ventures that he has taken on.


To set this idea into motion, Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory, which is a company to aid other startups. Having brought up so many companies from their infancy, Mike Baur knows the world of business inside out. He is extremely well versed with one needs to do, and knows all the pros and cons of the numerous paths that people take on their way to success. This experience has helped him lead others so that they too can one day have their own successful business.


Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014. Since the company was formed, Mike Baur has seen numerous clients walk through its doors, coming for his advice on their business. The company tries its best to offer an all around service to their clients, covering almost every aspect of the business, so that their clients can have all their business needs taken care of well. The company has numerous business advisors employed, who are extremely well trained and skilled at what they do. Their job is to analyze all the clients that come to them and give them solutions which fit their problems the best. The company outlines a plan of action for their clients to follow, which can help expand and increase the business that they have. The company aims to grow along with every business that it works with, and is always focused on the growth and development of their clients and their businesses.


Finances, Where are You?

Nov. 2016 Texas Bankers’ Conference

Today’s modern banking leaders are no joke, and the jobs they hold are quite serious indeed. They need all the support they can get, and that’s exactly what this new conference was all about. Since it was such a successful one, to say the least of the least, John Holt plans to hold another one this next November. He will likely be a panelist. Nexbank’s based in Dallas and holds numerous locations there from within. It works with similar branches, such as Preston Center and McKinney Solutions.

Nexbank and More

Holt supports his fellow philanthropists all around as well, which makes everyone love him. Hw works with Nexbank’s James Dondero as well, who recently funded the Dallas Zoo’s hippo society. The hippos at the Dallas zoo weigh anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. and are often called river horses as they add life to the zoo and enhance its profits overall. Holt notes that the zoo is happy to accommodate the new hippos and has told him that they’ve adapted into their new habitat with relative ease. Any 3,000 lb. hippo as it is a major highlight of the zoo.

What’s also cool is that this Dallas zoo now holds a lodging area with private event facilities, in which all proceeds go directly into the zoo’s future improvements. The very idea for this was inspired by Dondero as well, a man who can do so much good with one action. It all happened this spring of 2017, and the zoo hopes for more new improvements to come in the next few months.

When Nexbank’s John Holt and James Dondero are not too busy trading capital markets, they work with local Dallas residents to make the city more beautiful and delightful for all. This inspires many.


Karl Heideck Ranks Highly Among The Best Law Experts In Philadelphia

High ranked attorney Karl Heideck
High ranked attorney Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorney whose office is at Jenkintown. He works at the Pepper Hamilton LLP, a law firm in Jenkintown. He has been a licensed law attorney for eight years now. As of April 2015, Karl Heideck was listed by the Hire Counsel as a contract attorney. In addition to offering his legal services, he writes articles in his law blog that aims at dissecting the law and explaining how it functions.

Mr. Karl Heideck has a wide experience when it comes to matters law. For more than ten years, he was a practicing project attorney at the Pepper Hamilton LLP. He has also been an associate at Conrad O’Brien law firm. Karl Heideck is an alumnus of the Swarthmore College where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

He attended the James E. Beasley School of Law at the Temple University where he also graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2009. He has managed to specialize in a variety of areas such as employment proceedings, product liability, commercial litigation, risk management advisement, and compliance consulting.

Karl Heideck on Philadelphia’s New Law on Employers

In a recent article in his blog, Karl Heideck expounded on the new law that bars employers from seeking their employees’ salary histories. The law came into force on the 23rd of January when it was signed by Philadelphia’s mayor Jim Kenney. This came as a relief to Worker’s Rights Advocate groups, but the journey was not an all smooth ride. The law was faced with legal challenges as petition after petition was filed in court.

First was the Chamber of Commerce, which filed for an injunction on the implementation of the law at a district court. In response to this filing, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania court made a decision to stay the law. In a turn of events, the city filed a counter motion that aimed at having the lawsuit terminated since it had no backing of how the law would adversely affect businesses. The city won the case, and the lawsuit was dismissed. The law, however, faces future uncertainties. It is well evident that some employers will look loopholes in the law and find ways to circumnavigate the law.

Find more about Karl Heideck: http://thereisnoconsensus.com/career-spotlight-litigation-karl-heideck/