Lime Crime Tastes So Sweet These Days For Founder Doe Deere

It’s not easy running a globally-popular cosmetics company. Just ask Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup and the new darling of social media. However, when you love what you do, keep your nose to the grindstone and have amazing drive and imagination, your business can succeed, as she tells Galoremag.

Doe Deere has been named as one of the leaders in the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. She’s listed along with famous achievers like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. Not bad for a young girl born in Russia, who had a big dream and took it with her when her family moved to New York City.

Doe Deere always loved playing with bright, happy colors, and that’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about. She launched her company in 2008, hoping that other young women would prefer modern makeup that allowed them self-expression and a new way to define what is beautiful.

Women around the world responded, quickly buying up her amazing pigmented bold shades, unafraid to wear blue or banana yellow lipstick out in public or sexy glitter adorning their eye lids. Lime Crime makeup dared to go beyond the traditional beige palette, and Doe Deere’s unique vision has paid off.

These days, Lime Crime has tons of fans, in more than 2.2 million Instagram followers. Doe Deere believes that shopping online has created wonderful opportunities and interactive engagement with her loyal customers. Lime Crime fans send creative and inspiring selfies adorned in the brand’s colorful, vivid makeup to Lime Crime’s Instagram page and to the LimeCrime shopping website.

Doe Deere loves the immediate feedback on social media. Fans can share their take on Lime Crime palettes and show others how the makeup looks on different skin tones and different hair colors. It’s a wonderful Lime Crime community that Doe Deere is grateful her company has developed.

Even Hollywood has since discovered Lime Crime‘s explosion on the cosmetics scene and in popular culture. Katy Perry and Garcelle Beauvais are two fans who like wearing Lime Crime lipsticks.  Check them out on Amazon, or browse the full line of Lime Crime cosmetics from their Facebook page.

The Desperation of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass has long been renowned as one of the USA’s most notorious hedge fund managers. He has made a risky bet in recent times that the economic troubles currently plaguing the Chinese economy are not anywhere near ending. The U.S. Dollar and various currencies in Asia play pivotal roles in whether or not Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off. The implications of this bet may have an impact that extends into the equities and commodities markets as well.

Not long ago, Kyle Bass’s company Hayman Capital Management traded in the majority of its bonds, commodities, and stock investments. It did this so it would have more revenue to invest in the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan. It’s rumored that as much as 85% of Hayman Capital’s funds are invested in risky trades that will only pay off for Hayman if the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan fall in value. Billions of dollars are on the line here and much of that money is borrowed. Kyle Bass is hoping that the yuan will fall 40% in value.

In a recent interview with Fox Business Network Kyle Bass said that he has no money invested in Asian companies themselves but rather he has narrowed the focus of his investing to the Asian currencies. He is long on the US dollar which means that he believes the US dollar will remain strong will the Asian currencies will lose value dramatically. China is currently in a banking crisis and Bass believes that in order to fix the problem it will have to recap the banks. Once the banks are recapped and other reforms are carried out the currencies will naturally undergo a large devaluation.

Since the beginning of 2016, there has been little sign that Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off and if he is wrong he will have lost a great deal of his own as well as his investors money. Kyle Bass is also notorious for his involvement with Argentian autocrats who he funded during their last economic collapse while Argentina’s citizens lost their life savings.  Read more about Bass’ shortcomings at the following link

IAP Worldwide Services’ Path To A Global Success

IAP Worldwide Services has a rich history. Although it was a little-known company when it was founded in 1953, its six decades of existence has transformed it into a giant company with over 2000 employees across 25 nations. Over the years, IAP Worldwide Services has offered many services. Today, the corporation focuses on facilities management, global-scale logistics and advanced professional and technical services.

Originally, the company was called Pan Am World Services. In the 1950s and 60s, it was involved in some special projects that saw its name written in the history books. IAP was contracted by NASA to build and operate the first space launch complex in the United States. The complex, located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, was used to test at least 2500 launches. These launches included the manned shuttle program and air-breathing missiles. The experience gained in building and operating the space launch complex enabled the company to introduce new services.

In 1990, Johnson Controls acquired the company. The acquisition saw the company change its name to Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. Under the new name, the company expanded its services across the globe. This saw the company establish itself as a global leader in operating, maintaining and managing military bases and other complex facilities.

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In the 1990s, the company started its diversification process. This process saw it invest in developing innovative ways to increase energy efficiency. Additionally, it started working on how systems such as fire, security, environmental control and lighting in facilities could be automated. These new services saw the company’s client base grow exponentially.

IAP was founded in 2004 to provide logistic services to the US Army. The company’s importance to the army grew fast, thus shifting from supplying the army with generators to supporting troops in Iraq. The good relationship with the military saw the company win more contracts. In 2005, it acquired JCWS. Consequently, JCWS’s name was once again changed to match the name of the new owner.

The new company, IAP Worldwide Services, used the contacts and connections of both JCWS and IAP Worldwide Services to establish itself globally. The company divided its services into three main areas. These are the professional and technical services, base operations support services and global operations and logistic services. In efforts to widen the number of services it offers and increase its customer base, the company has continued to acquire other firms. One of its notable acquisitions is the acquisition of G3 Systems Ltd in 2005. The acquisition enabled it to increase its areas of operations to over 110 globally.

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The Mysterious Side Of Judaism

Kabbalah is kind of a mystical side of Judaism. It is sometimes even referred to as a cult, yet it remains quite popular, nonetheless. Famously, Madonna practices Kabbalah. Ultimately this series of teachings has a goal of trying to explain the connection between the infinite and finite. Kabbalah is also a denomination of Judaism, while parts of it are used by other religions that adapt parts of it to their own teachings.

Ottoman Palestine was perhaps the most wicked to those of Jewish faith. Those of Judaic faith have suffered repeatedly throughout history. Judaic prophets often times could only come up with the idea that Jewish people had collectively angered their God, and that all this punishment was a repercussion. It is no wonder that during the 16th Century, in Palestine, Kabbalah grew in popularity; throughout history Jewish people have clung to any scintilla of hope that might carry them through tragically awful times.

Kabbalah is, in its very essence, a series of teachings about health, relationships and careers, and many of its principles are universal, which is also why parts are easily adopted by those of other faiths. The Kabbalah Centre, in Los Angeles, California, concentrates its efforts on providing courses in the bible, or Zohar, of Kabbalah. The Centre was founded in 1965 by Philip and Karen Berg, and the current headquarters was opened in 1984.

Kabbalah is a mystical side of Judaism, and borne of mysterious facets of this complex religion. For this reason, traditional Judaic people encourage anyone interested in learning more about Kabbalah, to have reached a certain age, or 40, and also to have a very strong background in the understanding of Judaism before even embarking on learning more about Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre does not have these sorts of requirements that they place on those interested in learning this aspect of Judaism. They can take classes to learn more, without having several years of immersion in Judaic studies.

The way in which the centre starts new students is by teaching practical methods that essentially serve to negate one needing previous understanding of Judaism. For example, the Parting of the Red Sea, or the Passage of the Red Sea, are spoken of not as narratives of a story that some believe may have happened, but are considered to be quite definitive, and those that have actual historical merit. Finally, one of the most important tenets taught at the Kabbalah Centre is that all students should develop a relationship with the essence of God, or the light, and they must not try to have a relationship with the incomprehensible, but actual God. More information for the Kabbalah Centre is available on their Facebook page.

WEN by Chaz Seven Day Test Results

WEN by Chaz is a popular cleansing conditioner; thanks to its numerous YouTube ads. It promises to turn thin hair into luscious strands. The product is an all-in-one conditioner, styling treatment and shampoo. It works well with any hair type. To prove the validity of the product, a customer decided to put it to a seven-day test. She preferred the fig version for this test.

On the first day, after a busy day, she took a shower and applied the recommended amount of product to her hair. Her biggest concern on this day was the amount of conditioner recommended. While massaging it, she felt like the quantity of her hair had increased and after drying it looked more shiny and bouncy. The morning after, she felt the roots of her hair being too greasy which was not typical. After showering and using the gel, it regained the bouncy look. On the third day the grease had reduced but maintained the bouncy look and had become flat. The fourth day she did not have time to shower and her hair was a greasy mess. The next three days she maintained her routine of showering and applying the gel and on her night out on the sixth day she was complimented on how great her hair looked

Out of her experience, she recommends the product to those that love to have that shiny look on their hair. She also recommends showering daily for the users of the product. According to her, the Wen by Chaz is a product she will go for again. This story was first reported on Bustle:

Chaz Dean is a successful American hairstylist who does hair for the celebrities. He is credited with producing some of the best hair products available on amazon, and they have received a lot of positive response by consumers. At an average age of about thirty-five years, Chaz Dean is worth approximately two million U.S dollars. He has a big heart and takes part in charitable functions.

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