Venezuela’s Opposition Has Collected Enough Signatures To Start The Referendum Process According To José Manuel González

José Manuel González, the agricultural businessman from the state of Guárico in Venezuela, has been trying to get Nicolás Maduro out of office for months. It looks like González may be making some headway in that endeavor. González has what some call an inside track since he is the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico. But Guárico is just one state, but González, has been lobbying in several states. José wants to make changes in the country’s government. The main change is getting the former truck driver, and Chavez hand-picked president, Maduro out of office. Mr. González recently said that the opposition has collected enough valid signatures to move to the next step in the referendum removal process. Thousands of starving people have signed a petition that is calling for a vote to remove Maduro.

Maduro has never been the leader that Chavez was and never will be according to some of the government officials that are serving in his administration. Maduro has faced increasing hostility ever since he was elected in 2013. He has single-handedly driven the country into economic collapse, but he blames other countries like the United States for the current situation. José Manuel González has been telling people for months that Maduro’s policies are destroying the country. Even though the drop in crude oil prices was the catalyst for the current crisis in Venezuela, the Maduro government has done nothing positive to move the economy forward in spite of the oil dilemma. González thinks the lack of government support for the agricultural industry has played a role in the country’s demise.

Venezuela is facing one of the most critical challenges in its history right now, according to González. The lack of cohesion and consistency in the government is creating fights for food in the streets. Shopping malls are closing because of the electricity shortage and hospitals don’t have enough medical supplies to treat the sick. González thinks there should be a national agreement to take back the country from a dictator that is lining his own pockets while the people starve.

Teamwork Spells a Leap in Charitable Donations for Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Business Wire recently published an article detailing the beginning of cooperation between James Dondero, “co-founder and president of Dallas-based asset management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P.” and Linda Owens, a widely successful civic leader and former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Management holds, under its management, over eighteen-billion dollars in assets. The company is a well-established leader in the alternative credit management industry, with more experience and success than nearly all competitor companies. The growth of Highland Capital Management only shows signs of increased expansion as more time passes; however, the success of the company does not only spell affluence for the company itself, but also an exponential expansion of the companies charitable donations and not for profit contributions to various organizations.

This is why Linda Owens is a perfect teammate for James Dondero and Highland Capital Management, L.P. With Linda Owens heading the effort to maximize charitable contribution through her widely successful career history in this field, Highland Capital Management will be able to increase its now millions of dollars donated annually to charity by significant margins.

While Linda Owens proves a wise partner for James Dondero, Dondero boasts his own achievements in his industry, thus lending credence and trust to his company and its undertakings, especially when such undertakings deal directly with millions of dollars in charitable donations.

James Dondero holds more than thirty years of experience in investment through equity markets and investment advisement in such markets. He is not only a co-founder of the leading investment adviser firms, but James Dondero also holds chairs within the boards of directors within numerous immensely successful corporations, businesses and companies. Dondero attended the University of Virginia and studied finance and accounting, his education has served him well as he is now a leading figurehead for the investment advisement industry. Dondero’s innovation and pioneering of strategy and practice in the industry has ensured that he is and will continue to be a leader in his line of work for the foreseeable future.

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Norka Luque Knows No Impossibility

Stories across the world speaking of creativity, passion and breaking boundaries have remained inspirational for years without end. One of such inspirational story is of Norka Luque who is a heavy weight singer with angel-like voice. Since she was young, singing has remained her passion and has made her a world hero. When she was growing up, she knew singing was her talent and purposed to bring a unique message of hope in it. Her parents also gave her immense support to realize her dream.

Transmitting Love

Norka considers her life a great miracle. This has seen her produce a song to encourage fans miracles happen to ordinary people. Speaking to the deep emotions in the hearts of many, the song Milagro meaning Miracle speaks to millions of people in emotional crisis. She explains of situations in her life which allowed her to know life is important and should be valued.

Breakthrough Moment

When Norka started singing, she was determined to take her career to great levels. The breakthrough moment came when she released a song titled As You Do It. It was written by Venezuelan Achie Pena. The song became a hit earning her a Female Pop Artist of the Year nomination.

Her second release was the song Miracle in 2012. It became widely loved until people started producing versions of it in different forms. A dance version was produced and listed as on the Billboard Dance club as number 11. An urban remixed version and a salsa version have also been produced.

Norka Luque Making Progress

Over the years Norka has been invited in different shows. One of them includes the Billbord bash which invited Norka along other high voltage singers and DJs. In the event, Santaye, JossieCardoba and Grupo Treo performed.

Inspiring the Young

Passion for music started when she was young and at the age of 8 she had a big miracle. This was after she recorded a song titled Anthology of Shakira. She made great progress after securing performances alongside renowned artists like Juanes. She later moved to United States to pursue education and music. In the process, she met a producer known as Emilio Estefan Jr. After knowing she could sing, the producer invited her to the studio.

Working with Emilio brought out the best in her. The skills she gained enabled her to release the song titled As You Do It which thrust her singing career to great heights. Norka speaks of love, passion, emotional hurts and happiness in her songs. Find Norka on Facebook to learn more.

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Keith Mann Stands Out Amongst Others

When it comes to helping out others, Keith Mann and his wife Keely are doing some pretty amazing things. They recently announced they will be partnering up with Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit charter organization, to present the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award. This award is given to one lucky high school senior every year as it recognizes the next generation of creative business leaders.

To participate for this scholarship, students will have to write an essay talking about how earning a college degree can help them in the long run when it comes to finding a career in their field of interest. This creates a lot of buzz around the New York-based school as it allows one lucky student to attend a four-year college. Keith Mann is a big believer in education, which is why he is committed to finding strong leaders and helping them on their way to success. The winner of this scholarship will be given $5,000 towards their college tuition (

Keith Mann has over fifteen years of experience in the executive search industry. He is also an expert in hedge fund compensation. He launched his first company, Alternative Investment Practice, after learning that the hedge fund industry was a quickly growing industry. He later expanded this practice and established Dynamics Search Partners, which is a premier executive search firm. As CEO, Keith is responsible for the daily management of the firm. Dynamics Search Partners has over 200 client orders yearly and works with firms all across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Keith Mann is not only a huge supporter of education, but also the NYPD, as his wife’s uncle is a detective. He believes that even simple actions can make a world of difference. That is why he and his wife donated to the 54th Street Precinct. He has also donated money to Hope and Heroes, which is a nonprofit organization that helps fund life-saving research and care for children’s cancer and blood disorders. When it comes to helping others, Keith wants to try and make the world a better place, one donation at a time.

John Goullet and Diversant, LLC are Leading the Way in Corporate IT Solutions

John Goullet is an IT (Information Technology) specialist who began his career as an IT consultant developing solutions for a variety of companies. He utilized his IT experience and understanding of IT market trends and ventured into the IT staffing industry. He has also been at the forefront of the development of several highly successful IT ventures.

John Goullet recognized that as IT became a valuable asset to company operations, IT staffing would become a vital part of most company’s business plans. IT is an ever changing industry and staffing needs constantly change to meet the demands. With that in mind, Goullet founded an IT staffing company, Info Technologies and provided a focus on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 Companies. It is highly critical to match the right IT staff people with the right company.

In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant, Inc. and became Diversant, LLC, bringing greater capabilities to the IT industry. John Goullet continued to lead the company with the same passion and zeal he did Info Technologies.

Goullet has become a leading force when it comes to developing IT solutions. Through his leadership, Diversant works with companies in the energy, financial services, banking, insurance, government and retail industries. His greatest strength is his unique understanding of the corporate climate as well as the IT needs of clients.

Diversant matches IT candidates with clients based on the required IT skills, but with industry specific experience. The IT staffing candidates have a unique and deep understanding in their area of expertise and are placed with companies based on their skills, understanding of the industry and cultural fit.

Diversant, LLC encourages and inspires creative, out of the ordinary thinking and innovation to be able to be more efficient and effective with problem solving and formulating unique solutions. Diversant is also a promoter of diversity and this helps to strengthen the workplace and business community. Part of diversity is to promote a clear and distinct competitive advantage for candidates who have the necessary understanding about how to best use their strengths. Diversant offers programs that promote diversity in the workplace and the talent acquisition supply chain.

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Eric Pulier- A Lifetime of Experience

When it comes to being an entrepreneur in the realm of government and enterprise technologies there may not be anyone more knowledgeable then Eric Pulier. Eric is known as being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this market. Being the founder or co-founder of over 15 companies he has gained extensive knowledge as well as an incredible network of professionals that he works with. Many of his endeavors have been financed by some of the most well-known venture-capital groups in the world. Some of the endeavors that they have worked with Eric Pulier on include virtual desktops, service-oriented infrastructure software, and enterprise-level professional services.

When Eric is not working on the plan for his next company or venture he can be found speaking at some of the top technology conferences hosted around the world. Eric is also a member of the Clinton Global initiative and holds 17 different patents for products and technologies that he has invented or co-invented over the years. Eric resides with his four children in sunny Los Angeles California. Eric graduated from high school in 1984 and immediately went on to continue his education at Harvard University. He attended Harvard University from 1984 until 1988 when he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his bachelor’s degree. As a student at Harvard he was also an author in the Harvard Crimson Weekly publication. Eric has also published articles one of which was featured in Forbes Magazine in March of 2012. Eric’s experience in technology began at a young age. He began programming computers when he was in the fourth grade and by the time he reached High School had started a database computer company. Eric is also involved in many different philanthropy efforts including being a board member of Painted Turtle and the X prize Foundation. These are just some of Eric’s many accomplishments throughout the years. To learn more about this renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author check out his website at

Health Care Recruiting Expert Brian Torchin

Hospitals, medical centers, medical offices, and other health related facilities need to fill their ranks with the best staff possible. The quality of their staff affects the standing of their organization with the local community and the medical community. Of course, the average medical organization is involved with taking care of their patients and would prefer to rely on the services of a health-care recruitment firm to fill their ranks with top quality staff. Employers work with top health-care recruitment firms to find the best people. Job candidates find that working with a recruitment firm streamlines the job hunting process and exposes them to more employers in the health-care field. Certainly, it is a winning situation for the health-care recruiter, employer, and job candidate.

Health Care Recruiting Advantages
There are many advantages that are associated with working with a professional health care recruiting firm. First, it is important to realize that the agencies are specialist. They have the background, knowledge, training, and skills to match the right candidate with the right job. They know the medical industry and the type of candidate that would be the best employee for the organization. Thus, saving the organization valuable time and money. Of course, it is also advisable to partner with a firm that has plenty of experience in the health care recruiting field.

Brian Torchin
Brian Torchin is a familiar name in the health care community. Certainly, this is because he is the president of HCRC Staffing. This is one of the most highly regarded health care recruiting firms in the industry. Brian Torchin works with a very knowledgeable staff that has a simple goal. Their goal is to find the highest quality and best qualified people. This is a simple philosophy that drives Brian Torchin in all his endeavors.

Brian Torchin has strong roots in the medical industry. He started his medical career with a chiropractic practice. Later on, he founded a medical staffing firm. His goal was to answer the demand for top quality employees for the medical industry that included the chiropractic field to other fields in the medical industry.  Read more about Brian on BitsyLink.