The Innovative Edge in Tech-Education

Alexei Beltyukov is a reputable Russian entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. He has founded several companies including the Endemic Capital that provides angel funding for startup firms in Russia. He has also engaged in several philanthropic endeavors that help young Russians access education and begin their businesses.

Beltyukov also established A-Ventures Ltd, a firm that supports other Russian companies to acquire financial boost when faced with cash flow problems. Mr. Beltyukov believes in the power of education and has formed the Russian Alumni Scholarship in collaboration with the INSEAD University. The scholarship supports the Russian students accepted at the institution.

Alexei Beltyukov is the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, an organization that works with the Russian government to provide economic guidance in addition to supporting tech-based startup companies.

Beltyukov’s Business Ventures

Russian businessman Beltyukov began his career as a government doctor working in the Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Alexei went abroad and studied at the INSEAD College in Fontainebleau, France. He attained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before venturing into business.

He started numerous companies including Mechanics, A-Ventures Ltd, New Gas Technologies, Endemic Capital, and Brunswick Rail Leasing Company. His business acumen revolves around technology and finance. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the launch of the educational platform; Solvy, that aims to revolutionize the math educational system in the U.S.

Alexei Beltyukov Appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy

According to All Business, Alexei Beltuukov brings his passion for education and massive entrepreneurship skills to Solvy, an interactive educational services company. The new COO reiterated that his goal is for Solvy to lead the way in high school math education system. He aims to simplify the management of math assignments in and out of the classroom.

Solvy will pay key attention to mathematics, a subject that records the lowest performance by American students. The system allows students to learn and explore math subject in a customized approach. Their individual performances are tracked and feedback given to help them improve on the lesson. They also get the time to appreciate the real life application of the subject in various professional fields.

Lovaganza: Where The World’s Beauty is Showcased

Lovaganza is a humanitarian entertainment group that seeks to create spectacular entertainment that invokes entertainment and wonder among its followers throughout the world. To achieve this, Lovaganza commits to showcase the different cultures held by different communities around the world. By doing so, they not only entertain their audience but also create a unifying factor as people learn about each other’s culture.

Currently, Lovaganza is being involved in a series of projects which will be reviewed below.

Lovaganza Embarks on Recording a Musical Soundtrack and Theme Song For their Series “The Marvelous 12”
The Marvelous 12 is an animated series show that will be aimed at telling their audience the story behind The Lovaganza Convoy films. It will be showcased to the public during Lovaganza’s travelling tours as a way of building up to the Lovaganza worldwide celebrations that are set to take place in 2020. To show their commitment to the project on Facebook, the Lovaganza Founders Jean Francois and Genevieve Gagnon said that the recording of the film would take part in the Abbey Road Studios so as to ensure that they have the best resources to make the project a success. It came as a surprise to many Lovaganza fans that it was the two founders that came up with the soundtrack. Other parties that will be involved in its creation include Chris Elliot who will be in charge of its production, and Geoff Alexander who will be in charge of sound. A band of up to 70 people was involved in the composition of the symphony and chorus verses for the soundtrack.

The Extravaganza of Love
The project will be a 360 degrees stage show that will involve real life musicians, dancers and actors performing at the same time. The Extravaganza of Love will be shown on 360 degree screen. This project is expected to be the groundbreaking act for the 2020 Lovaganza worldwide celebrations.

The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy
The Lovaganza convoy trilogy is a joint project between The Lovaganza and the Immerscope Technological Company. The film will be shot using Immerscope technology on and will be played on 180 degree screens at the Immerscope theatres around the world.

To their audience, The Lovaganza evokes emotions of love for each other as different communities get exposed to different cultures and belief. People therefore learn to appreciate the world’s diversity and therefore eases stereotypes.


How to Make a Reputation Win from a Brand Crisis

The social-media-dominated landscape has a lot to do with online brand reputation. A single mention on Twitter can cause a great reputation crisis to your brand. The case can be magnified when thousands of commenters take their time to talk about the ill-reputation of your brand. You can end up in a frustrating position if you are a promoter or marketer to the brand. However, there is case whereby a company’s spokesperson is transformed to a public relation boon.

You should understand that anything can happen to a business whenever you are unprepared. Your business can be subject to an uproar on social media at any time. This comes from history. It is a fact that most online review managers are up to take war and fight for your company. Your preparedness is measured by your quickness in getting to online conversations to slow down the negative spread about your brand.

For you to manage started conversations that escalate concern about your business, you should have an established alert system. You should have the automated tools to give you a real-time alert about brand mentions on the internet. This feature helps you respond to concern and mitigate their negative effect to your business.

However, keep in mind that online public relations are not just about responding to the negative comments online. Moreover, it is not all about engaging in illogical arguments with users about your brand on social media. Address the right people and take a calculated approach towards life. For different kinds of complaints raised in social media, provide a reasonable response. For instance, you will do better to listen to the technical matters that come out of the reaction when clarifying a misinformation on social media.

Avoid taking sides to cause an argument once you join a conversation about a negative element on your product. Your negative comments will result in a negative atmosphere where consumers are left to think that there is no remedy for their complaints. It doesn’t mean that you are taking a business-immersed tone when you become a non-argumentative person in a conversation. The community is watching you.


Four Vital Strategies for Online Reputation Management

The advancement in technology and increment in the number of Internet users around the globe has led to a significant change in business. Primarily, as reveals by this is because the Internet has not only given consumers an opportunity to shop for desired products from the comfort of their houses or offices but also a chance to air their feedback regarding the procured products. As such, bad customer experiences can easily turn into an Internet trend that triggers a storm of disparaging comments about a product or company in question.
Many businesses across the global divide have made numerous endeavors to stay in charge of their online reputation status. This need has been triggered by the fact that a bad online reputation can affect the performance of an enterprise severely. The following are some pointers that a business can adopt to bolster its online reputation management strategies.

Monitoring your Brand Closely

Effective online management strategies require close monitoring of the reactions triggered by your brand in the market. Brand monitoring tools such as Mention can assist you in staying informed on what other people say about your brand. Setting up Google Alerts also keeps you on top of your reputation management, as you will be in a position to view what other parties post about your brand.

Stay Updated

A business should not only have a well-designed website and social media presence but should also make sure that the content is regularly updated in a bid to stay relevant. As such, an enterprise can hire experts to post fresh and relevant information on a constant basis.

Reacting and Fixing Bad Press

When faced with a PR disaster avoid responding immediately, but make sure you respond as soon as possible. Further, make sure that you offer a public apology as a way of redeeming your business or brand followed by a strategy to fix the problem. This projects a sense of openness, which can earn your business a second chance.

Relationship Building

Your image cannot be tainted severely if the number of people who believe the disparaging information is minimal. Hence, there is a need to boost your business’s relationship building with its fans, audience or clients. They will most likely defend you in times of need.


The Kabbalah Centre Opens up a World of Ancient Wisdom

Studying Kabbalah has become something of a cool and fashionable thing to do in recent years after a number of celebrities took up this form of spiritual teaching and publicized it to the world. However, the Kabbalah Centre is only the latest incarnation people use to learn an ancient form of teaching begun as part of the ancient Jewish tradition that developed Kabbalah as one of the most important areas of teaching for followers of the faith. A number of celebrities have been spotted wearing the red string bracelet around the left wrist that is used as a well known symbol of followers of the group.
The development of the Kabbalah Centre brings the teaching into the modern world and removes many of the rules and restrictions that were often placed upon Jewish people who looked to follow the writings used in Kabbalah and barred many from undertaking their study. Opened in 1965, the Kabbalah Centre does not limit the learning of the Kabbalah to only men as the ancient Hebrew writings did; instead, the Kabbalah Centre opens up the teaching to all as the founders felt this important area of spirituality should be available for all to follow.

Many followers of the Kabbalah Centre are drawn to the opportunity to explore more of reality than they are currently open to, which includes the teaching that the five senses only allow access to around one percent of the reality of the world. Learning more about Kabbalah allows the individual to open their mind to the 99 percent of reality we are currently closed off to without the assistance of the Kabbalah Centre. One aspect of the work of the Kabbalah Centre that is not often reported is the fact that each religion is seen as part of a wider wisdom that can be discovered with the Kabbalah teachings; followers of any religion can explore the work of the Kabbalah Centre as teaching are seen merely as a supplement to religious teachings from around the world.

Wessex Institute of Technology setting the Pace in Exchange Programs

Located in Athrust, south of England, Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a higher learning institution and research center. WIT focuses on educational aspects such as publishing literature, hosting conferences, and research.

WIT is among the high-ranking education institutions in England. Its research programs are funded from different industries and research organizations. The institution’s aim is to provide knowledge transfer systems that are oriented towards the academic and professional users. WIT is ranked as a research and exchange center of excellence.

Working for WIT
To land a job at Wessex Institute, check out for their job adverts posted on job advertisement sites in UK and internationally. Currently, there are two job positions open for a medical writer and a researching fellow. These jobs have been categorized as education, research, and enterprise.

To land any of the jobs, one apply either online or offline by sending an application to their offices and attaching relevant documents. WIT does not accept job applications from agencies unless they explicitly request for applicants to use them through their job adverts.

After application, the documents are forwarded to the human resource manager. The human resources manager and the selection panel assess all the applications and select a candidate based on his or her suitability for the job. The human resources office reserves the right to contact shortlisted candidates.

Services offered at WIT
Wessex Institute is most popular for its conferences. It organizes more than 25 conferences annually. The conferences are held in different locations affiliated to the organization. The conference program is continuously expanding. The program serves as a point of exchange for WIT objectives in knowledge transfer between academic and professional users.

The institution has conferences scheduled for the whole year. Nearly all the conferences scheduled for this ear are of international status.

The institute fulfills one of its core functions of publishing through the Wessex Institute of Technology Press located in Athirst lodge. The press publishes the proceeding journals of the conferences, specialized research, edited works, and journals.

Wessex was founded in 1986 and has between 11 and 50 employees. It is uniquely located in a national park giving it a serene environment suitable for research. Visit the Wessex Institute’s website to learn more.

Shea For All

Whether it’s dry skin from the cold, swimming, or just your predetermined skin type from your ancestors, no one likes the feeling of it. We try anything to heal our skin from the chafing itchy feeling that dry skin gives us. One of the tried and true correctors of dry skin is shea butter. Shea butter is one of natures gifts to people. Taken from the nuts of the shea tree in Africa. Shea butter is a fat that moistens and relieves dry skin. It is even edible, though used mostly in African cooking.

Most cosmetic companies offer different lotions and body moisturizing products that contain shea butter. These different products are said to help with dull, flaking skin and help to nourish skin back to it’s original radiance. From lip balms to specific zone creams like foot and hand creams these companies offer a diversity of products that have shea cream added into it. Each company has a different recipe of how much shea is in each product.

EuGenia Shea is a company based out of Africa that has a product line with your choice of how much shea your skin needs. There are three different levels from some, more and most. An example of some is for light dry skin, more would be for pregnant women looking to alleviate stretch marks, and most. Most would be the amount of shea a doctor or dermatologist would advise you to use. This allows people to get what their skin really needs.

The products from EuGenia are so authentic, with 3 types of oil added to the base of shea butter. There is shea oil, moringa oil, and Baobob oil. These oils are also scented with the essential oils of lavender and grapefruit. This is truly a great product for anyone suffering from dry skin.

Lime Crime Tastes So Sweet These Days For Founder Doe Deere

It’s not easy running a globally-popular cosmetics company. Just ask Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup and the new darling of social media. However, when you love what you do, keep your nose to the grindstone and have amazing drive and imagination, your business can succeed, as she tells Galoremag.

Doe Deere has been named as one of the leaders in the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. She’s listed along with famous achievers like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. Not bad for a young girl born in Russia, who had a big dream and took it with her when her family moved to New York City.

Doe Deere always loved playing with bright, happy colors, and that’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about. She launched her company in 2008, hoping that other young women would prefer modern makeup that allowed them self-expression and a new way to define what is beautiful.

Women around the world responded, quickly buying up her amazing pigmented bold shades, unafraid to wear blue or banana yellow lipstick out in public or sexy glitter adorning their eye lids. Lime Crime makeup dared to go beyond the traditional beige palette, and Doe Deere’s unique vision has paid off.

These days, Lime Crime has tons of fans, in more than 2.2 million Instagram followers. Doe Deere believes that shopping online has created wonderful opportunities and interactive engagement with her loyal customers. Lime Crime fans send creative and inspiring selfies adorned in the brand’s colorful, vivid makeup to Lime Crime’s Instagram page and to the LimeCrime shopping website.

Doe Deere loves the immediate feedback on social media. Fans can share their take on Lime Crime palettes and show others how the makeup looks on different skin tones and different hair colors. It’s a wonderful Lime Crime community that Doe Deere is grateful her company has developed.

Even Hollywood has since discovered Lime Crime‘s explosion on the cosmetics scene and in popular culture. Katy Perry and Garcelle Beauvais are two fans who like wearing Lime Crime lipsticks.  Check them out on Amazon, or browse the full line of Lime Crime cosmetics from their Facebook page.

The Desperation of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass has long been renowned as one of the USA’s most notorious hedge fund managers. He has made a risky bet in recent times that the economic troubles currently plaguing the Chinese economy are not anywhere near ending. The U.S. Dollar and various currencies in Asia play pivotal roles in whether or not Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off. The implications of this bet may have an impact that extends into the equities and commodities markets as well.

Not long ago, Kyle Bass’s company Hayman Capital Management traded in the majority of its bonds, commodities, and stock investments. It did this so it would have more revenue to invest in the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan. It’s rumored that as much as 85% of Hayman Capital’s funds are invested in risky trades that will only pay off for Hayman if the Hong Kong dollar and the Chinese yuan fall in value. Billions of dollars are on the line here and much of that money is borrowed. Kyle Bass is hoping that the yuan will fall 40% in value.

In a recent interview with Fox Business Network Kyle Bass said that he has no money invested in Asian companies themselves but rather he has narrowed the focus of his investing to the Asian currencies. He is long on the US dollar which means that he believes the US dollar will remain strong will the Asian currencies will lose value dramatically. China is currently in a banking crisis and Bass believes that in order to fix the problem it will have to recap the banks. Once the banks are recapped and other reforms are carried out the currencies will naturally undergo a large devaluation.

Since the beginning of 2016, there has been little sign that Kyle Bass’s big bet will pay off and if he is wrong he will have lost a great deal of his own as well as his investors money. Kyle Bass is also notorious for his involvement with Argentian autocrats who he funded during their last economic collapse while Argentina’s citizens lost their life savings.  Read more about Bass’ shortcomings at the following link